Colour by Numbers

View some intriguing stats on hair dye here. Did you know only 3% of women worldwide have naturally blonde hair? See more stats here from Truth About Hair Colour.

Colour by Numbers

3% women worldwide have naturally blonde hair.

10 is where PPD comes in the list of most common allergies tested by specialists.

10% of European men use some form of hair dye.

About 40% of home hair colourers are under 34.

55% of women haven’t had their hair coloured in the past year because they prefer their natural colour.

59 is the average age at which home hair colouring peaks.

60% percent of people have some grey hair by the age of 40.

75% percent of women dye their hair at some point.

75-84%of the world’spopulation has naturally black hair.

Hair dye products contain over 5000 chemicals between them (and over 180 have been banned by the EU since 2003).

Redheads have on average 90,000 strands of hair, while blondes have 110,000 and brunettes 140,000.

Around 140 million people worldwide are redheads - less than 2% of the population.

1.43 billions units of hair colour products were sold in the USA in 2016.

$29.14b is what the global hair colour market is predicted to be worth in 2019.

The Science Behind Allergies

See the science behind what causes allergies here. There are many causes and reasons for allergic reactions and the many factors are mentioned in here.

Hair Dye Health

PPD is short for Phenylenediamine. Learn more about what it is and what other applications it is used for e.g. Henna and make up.

Hair Dye Health

Here is the information on what PPD hair dye is and how it works. This includes the science behind it and best practices for perfect application.