Hair Dye Health

PPD is short for Phenylenediamine. Learn more about what it is and what other applications it is used for e.g. Henna and make up.

Here is the information on what PPD hair dye is and how it works. This includes the science behind it and best practices for perfect application.

See information related to PPD and PTD allergies here. This page shows how these allergies occur and what you can do about it.

Hair Dye Health

PTD is short for Paratoluenediamine and is a very similar compound to PPD. See the differences and changing reactions between PPD and PTD here.

Thanks to chemical ingenuity and advances in technology, possible alternatives may be emerging for those who have concerns about PPD AND PTD.

Did you know there are alternatives to PPD hair dye? See the options here for different methods of hair colouring.

See how important it is to do a hair dye patch test before applying hair dye and colouring to your hair. Truth About Colour shows you how to do this properly.

Do you think PPD is just hair dye? These facts could surprise you. See how PPD is used in Henna tattoos, brow/lash tinting and in makeup. See its multiple uses here.

See the history of hair colouring here ranging from the ancient cultures and the 1700's colourant introduction to modern day hair colouring methods.

Hair Dye Health

View some intriguing stats on hair dye here. Did you know only 3% of women worldwide have naturally blonde hair? See more stats here from Truth About Hair Colour.

View the different types of hair dye here. See the range of hair dyes that will suit your hair health perfectly at Truth About Hair Colour.